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True Essence Eucalyptus Globulus Org 12ml

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Latin Name: Eucalyptus globulus, Country: Portugal, Method of Extraction: steam distilled, Status: organic

True Essence Eucalyptus Globulus Org 50ml

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Latin Name: Eucalyptus globulus
 Country: Portugal
 Method of Extraction: steam distilled

True Essence Lavender Organic (Bulgaria) Oil 12 ml

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True Essence Tea Tree Oil Organic 12 ml

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CarScenter Diffuser

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CarScenter is unique and can be used in any vehicle.

True Essence Tea Tree Paperbark 50ml

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Paperbark Co. Tea Tree Oil exceeds Australian and International Standards for Melaleuca Alternifolia oil. Terpinen-4-...

True Essence Sweet Almond Oil 500 ml

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It provides excellent slip and is not easily absorbed making it ideal for massage.