Sustainability Initiatives

At Community Natural Foods we are committed to our community and the planet we all share. We work hard at making choices that reflect consideration of people, our community and the planet we all share - or what we call simply “Doing Business Right".


Reducing Food Miles - We work with local farmers and producers whenever possible to strengthen our local economy and reduce the footprint of the products we carry. We have formed relationships with producers of a wide variety of producers that represent everything from produce (carrots, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.), grains and cereals, dairy products, mustard, honey, and fresh and frozen meats.


Managing Waste - At our stores and head office, we use a private operator to recycle plastics, cardboard, paper, glass, tin and beverage containers. We also have a cell phone/PDA recycle box at each of our stores.  Recognizing the impacts of kitchen waste (it creates harmful methane gas when in a landfill environment), we compost at all our locations as well.


Green Bags - We were Calgary's first grocer to go single-use plastic bag free. Instead, we offer a number of options for reusable bags including our 99 cent grocery bag made out of 100% recycled pop bottles. We also reward our customers for using reusable bags with a five cent incentive per bag used.


Single Use Plastic Water Bottle Free  - We were Calgary's first retail store to go single-use plastic water bottle free. Instead we offer a number of alternative options from home filtration to stainless steel water bottles with filtration on them


Increasing Efficiencies - Our head office hot water heating is solar powered and all of our locations are powered by wind power.


Community Involvement - We have sponsored and/or supported various environmental initiatives and groups including Clean Calgary, Coalition for a Healthy Calgary, NHPPA, The Sierra Club, CHFA, Alberta Wilderness Association, The Mustard Seed, The Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, R.A.S.T.A. The Arusha Center, Potential Place, Chrysalis, Children's Wish Foundation, Mount Royal College and others.

We are always looking to improve and strengthen our commitment to the environment. If you have suggestions or feedback for us, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.


Product Standards - Our customers can be assured that the food found in our stores meets with our highest standards. We abide by a precautionary principle – if a new food additive or supplement does not have a proven history of safe use, it is highly unlikely you will find it in our stores.