Simple Raw Vegan Brownies

So simple but oh so good!
Dish Type: baking Lifestyle: dairy free, gluten free, raw, vegan, vegetarian


1 cup ground pecans

1 cup dates

1/4 heaping cup cocoa powder

1/2 tablespoon raw agave nectar

1 tablespoon raw coconut oil

1 tablespoon avocado

1 tablespoon raw agave

1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder


Combine with a food processor the dates, pecans, 1/4 cup cocoa and 1 tbs of agave.Press down evenly in a small pan.

In a separate bowl mix the coconut oil, avocado, 1 tbs agave and 1/2 tbs cocoa powder.

Spread the icing over the date mix and refrigerate for 30 min. Enjoy!