Peach Lime Salsa

Hot, sweet, bitter, salty, and sour, all the flavours our palate looks for in a well balanced dish, come together in our recipe for a delicious Peach Lime Salsa.
Dish Type: appetizers Lifestyle: dairy free, gluten free, nut free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian


10 roma tomatoes

  2 large peaches

 ¼ cup minced red onion

 1 tbsp coconut sugar or agave

  1 poblano pepper

  4 cloves of garlic

  ¼ cup cilantro leaves

  Zest and juice of 1 lime


Preheat your BBQ to 400F and lightly brush with oil. Cut the tomatoes in half and season lightly with salt before placing cut side up on the grill. Cut the peaches in half and place them cut side down on the grill. Put the poblanos on whole.

Remove the peaches once grill marks have formed. Allow the tomatoes to continue cooking until they have reduced in size and the skins begin to blacken, 5-10 minutes. Leave the pepper on until the skin is almost completely black, 10-15 minutes.

The skin on both the peach and the pepper needs to be removed. To do so, simply place each in their own bowl and cover with cling film for 5 minutes to allow the steam to loosen the skin. Then, gently rub the surface with a clean cloth or paper towel until it all comes off. Whether or not you care to do this with the tomatoes is simply a matter of preference, but the same technique can be used if you so desire.

Dice all of the grilled vegetables and toss together with the remaining ingredients. Let marinade in the refrigerator overnight for maximum flavour.