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    Low Carb Guacamole
    Keto friendly, delicious guacamole!
    This fresh and light Keto friendly tzatziki is sure to delight!
    Chili Aioli
    Keto friendly, spicy and delicious, what more could you ask for?
    Chimichurri Sauce
    Fresh and spicy! Try this Keto friendly chimichurri sauce with your protein of choice.
    Satay Sauce
    Use this Keto friendly satay sauce on just about anything!
    Tartar Sauce
    Keto friendly tartar sauce using our homemade mayo.
    Homemade Mayo Veggie Dip
    Another way to use our delicious Keto friendly mayo!
    Homemade Mayo
    Keto friendly mayo!
    Chia Berry Smoothie Bowl
    Smoothies are a great way to fit enough nutrition into a cup and now a bowl. These smoothie bowl recipes are refreshing, delicious and nutritious, a balanced way to start the day or as tasty evening treat.
    Turmeric Roasted Cashews
    Turmeric and cashews, heart healthy and delicious!
    Candy Cane Brownie
    Easy holiday brownies using Alberta Natural Products baking mix.
    Holiday Spiced Cupcakes with Eggnog Buttercream
    Nothing says Christmas like eggnog, add it into a cupcake and it makes for an even better holiday treat!