True Essence Red Raspberry Seed Oil 60 ml

True Essence Red Raspberry Seed Oil 60 ml



Latin Name: Rubus Idaeus

Method of Extraction: Cold-Pressed

Cultivation: Conventional

Shelf Life: 6 months - 2 years, refrigeration recommended

Common Uses

Red Raspberry Seed Oil is effective in applications for eczema, psoriasis, rashes, skin lesions, and burns. It has a wonderful refining effect on the skin and has been shown to help in acneic conditions.

It contains remarkably high proportions of alpha and gamma tocopherols (Vitamin E), Vitamin A, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It is a superb anti-oxidant and contains 83% fatty acids, reducing oxidative stress on the skin. Because of its high phospholipid content, it is very stable and when combined with other vegetable and nut oils and may increase their stability.

It has also been shown to offer SPF protection (UV-A and UV-B rays) equal to titanium oxide and has been rated as high as 28-50 (Oomah et. al., 2000). Note that without testing and licensing you cannot label a product with an SPF rating.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory properties greater than avocado, grapeseed, hazelnut, and wheat germ oils. It is the richest source of ellagic acid, a phenolic compound that has some importance and potential in the prevention of some cancers of the prostate and the breast.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil may be used in place of a moisturizer. It is helpful to have the face slightly mosit before applying to prevent drag on the skin. After cleansing, lightly mist the face with a toner of choice. For acneic and problem skin, we recommend Willowbark Toner. Hydrosols may also be used. Rose Geranium Hydrosol works well on older, more mature skin. After misting, apply a few drops of Red Raspberry Seed Oil and massage in lightly.



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