True Essence Portable Remedy Collection

True Essence Portable Remedy Collection



Our brand new collection features two new synergies: Tum-Ease & Calm! 

Kit contains 4mL vials of: 

French Lavender


NEW! Calm Synergy - An uplifting and reassuring synergy designed to address nervous tension, anxiety and panic attacks. It is grounding, calming and brings a deep sense of comfort to those in need. Bergamot, cedarwood, cypress, fragonia, frankincense, lavender, marjoram, melissa, neroli, vetiver and ylang ylang essential oils.

Rae-Drs Remedy Synergy

NEW! Tum-Ease Synergy - A therapeutic synergy formulated to alleviate digestive discomfort. May be helpful for cases of nausea, constipation, stomach-ache and bloating. German chamomile, roman chamomile, angelica root, marjoram, patchouli, lemongrass, tangerine, peppermint, ginger, black pepper, cardamom and fennel essential oils.



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