Sisu Kids Vitamin D 1000IU 90tabs

Sisu Kids Vitamin D 1000IU 90tabs



Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise in North American children. The statistics show that as much as 70% of children are not getting enough vitamin D. Contributing factors include the decreased time children play outside (because vitamin D is produced naturally when our skin is exposed to strong sunlight), the use of sunblock creams, and the decreased consumption of milk and other fortified foods. Other risk factors include darker skin, kidney disease, and following a low protein diet. Inadequate vitamin D levels may contribute to a number of serious health conditions including asthma, allergies, diabetes, poor development of bones and teeth, and even some cancers and cardiovascular disease later in life. Many pediatricians recommend vitamin D supplementation for all breastfed infants and older children at risk for deficiency.

Medicinal ingredients
Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)...10 mcg 
equivalent to 1000 IU of vitamin D 
(cholecalciferol) activity



isomalt, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable), calcium silicate.Contains no dairy, wheat or peanuts.