Simply Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 59g

Simply Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 59g



Simply Organic Cinnamon comes from the bark of an evergreen tree. Cinnamon's sweet, spicy and warm fragrance adds pungent sweetness to your favorite baked goodies. Though often used interchangeably, cassia and cinnamon are not the same. Cinnamomum cassia (grown primarily in China and Indonesia) is reddish-brown and pungently sweet, while Cinnamomum zeylanicum (from Sri Lanka and India) is buff-colored and mild. Cassia is usually preferred for its more intense color and flavor.

Sourced from Sri Lanka, Ceylon or "true cinnamon" has a subtle, sweet-but-warm flavor. 

Use to flavor cookies, cakes, stewed fruits, puddings, and breads



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