Seventh Generation Wipes 128 Refill Count

Seventh Generation Wipes 128 Refill Count



It Works

Nothing's handier than a wipe for that can clean up baby bottoms and gently swipe away grime from messy hands and faces. Our original Free & Clear wipes feature the just-right size and lightly moist surface that made them a favorite.

We Care

Free & Clear Baby Wipes are whitened without chlorine, and work gently with plant-derived ingredients.

Original Soft & Gentle Formula

Chlorine-Free, no Fragrances or Dyes

Comfort & Performance of Cloth

Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes
Original soft & gentle formula
Baby Wipes that are free of chlorine processing
Baby Wipes made without dyes, alcohol or fragrance


Water, glycerin (plant-derived conditioning agent), cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose (synthetic cleaning agent), aloe barbadensis leaf extract (plant-derived emollient), tocopheryl acetate (synthetic antioxidant), citric acid (plant-derived pH adjuster), and sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (synthetic preservatives).


Seventh Generation