Purica Immune 7 360 vegi-caps

Purica Immune 7 360 vegi-caps



The components of this high quality formulation have been shown in numerous studies to significantly strengthen the immune system. A robust immune system is instrumental in overcoming “dis-ease” and promoting optimal health. Immune 7 is a safe, potent dietary food supplement that improves overall immune performance and has proven beneficial in combination with mainstream invasive treatments.


Medical Ingredients
Immune Assist...325 mg 
composed of organic extracts and micronized organic full spectrum mycelia and fruiting bodies of the following mushrooms. 
Cultured on organic plant materials in a pure environment to maximize polysaccharide content and absorbability.
Sun Mushroom (Agaricus blazei)...58.5% 
Beta-Glucans (1-6, D-Beta Glucan)Cordycept™ (proprietary HEAA Cordyceps sinensis)..30% 
Beta-Glucans, deoxyadenosine and other nucleosides)
Maitake (Grifola frondosa)..28% 
Beta-Glucans (Protein bound Fraction extracted according to Dr. Nanba’s original formula)


Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinus edodes)40 % Beta-Glucans (including lentinan, alpha-glucan KS-2)Cloud Mushroom(Coriolus versicolor)40% Beta-Glucans (including polysaccharides P and K)Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)40% Beta-Glucans (1-3,{8}1-6 D-Beta Glucan, triterpenoids)Nutricol®Proprietary plant complex containing EGCG, OPC’s, theaflavin and resveratrol from green tea and grape.Other Ingredients:microcrystalline cellulose