Platinum Naturals EasyMulti Prenatal 60 sgels

Platinum Naturals EasyMulti Prenatal 60 sgels



Platinum EasyMulti Prenatal has been carefully formulated to include a comprehensive range of the vitamins, minerals, and DHA (an important omega – 3 oil) required to meet the needs of a woman’s body during pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins Support Optimal Health for Both Mothers and Babies

  • Supports fertility when trying to conceive.
  • Replenishes vitamins and minerals depleted by the added demands on the body of a growing fetus.
  • Reinforces the mother’s immune system at a critical time when she cannot afford to become ill.
  • Enhances the mother’s vitality and combats feelings of exhaustion, low energy and weakness often experienced in pregnancy.
  • Makes up for nutritional shortfalls in the mother’s diet and ensures that the baby has an adequate supply of nutrients.
  • Reduces the risk of low birth weight and improves the quality of breast milk.
    Contributes to the development of healthy bones and higher bone density.


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