Platinum Naturals EasyIron 60 vcap

Platinum Naturals EasyIron 60 vcap



Why does EasyIron® E.G. work so well?

  1. Superior Absorption

    A Better Form of Iron - Recent clinical studies indicate that ferrous bisglycinate, the form of iron found in EasyIron® E.G., is absorbed significantly better than regular iron - as much as 4.5 times better, in fact. Unlike some other forms of iron, ferrous bisglycinate was demonstrated to be well absorbed even when taken with a meal.

    Platinum Naturals’ innovative approach suspends nutrients in natural oils for superior absorption. You will feel the difference Platinum products make.

  2. Key Co-Factors

    The body requires more than just iron to make healthy red blood cells. The combination of key nutrients found in EasyIron® E.G. was formulated to deliver optimal results.

  3. Non-Constipating

    Many people find prescription or regular forms of iron constipating. EasyIron® E.G. contain ferrous bisglycinate, a form of iron that has been demonstrated in clinical trials to be well tolerated, with a low incidence of constipation and stomach upset.


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