Organika Enzymes Full Spectrum 120vcaps

Organika Enzymes Full Spectrum 120vcaps



Enzymes process & extract nutrients from food we eat. The body's inability to absorb nutrients, often from a lack of enzymes, can often lead to serious health problems. Organika's full spectrum enzymes can help you digest protein, fats, carbs, & fiber.


Medical Ingredients
100% Pure Plant Enzymes...500 mg 
total  Veg-panzyme Vegetarian Pancreatin providing...286 mg     
Protease...28600 HUT     
Amylase...28600 DU     
Lipase...2000 FIP
To digest protein:      
Protease...785 SAPU 12 mg
To digest carbohydrates:      
Amylase...630 DU  52 mg      
Amyloglucosidase2 AGU  12 mg
To digest fasts:      
Lipase375FIP  125 mg
To digest fibre:      
Cellulase...100CU  5mg     
Hemicellulase...650HCU  3mg
To digest milk sugar:       
Lactase...40LacU  5mg  


Contains no dairy, egg, artificial preservatives, colours, yeast, sweeteners, wheat, gluten, or corn.