Nutribiotic Original Liquid 59ml

Nutribiotic Original Liquid 59ml



Nutribiotic THE ORIGINAL LIQUID with VITAMIN A - Contains GSE - A potent, natural and effective anti-microbial product with a wide variety of uses - both internally and externally. Grapefruit Seed Extract destroys disease and infection causing microbes on contact and can be taken internally as an excellent immune system supporter. Use as a gargle for sore throat relief, as a dental rinse for thorough oral hygiene, as an ear or nasal rinse to fight infections, as a scalp treatment for dandruff, or a douche to fight yeast infection - the list goes on. Nutribiotic GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) Liquid Concentrate also has many household uses, such as a cutting board sanitizer to protect against e-coli and salmonella, germicidal cleaner for bathrooms and kitchen or as an air purifier - Concentrated and effective.


Each Drop contains: Vitamin A .......... 17.4 mcg Non-medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin, grapefruit seed extract. Orally: Adults: Take 5-15 drops, once daily. Mix drops in a glass of water or juice. Take with food.