New Roots M.S.M. (Methylsulfonylmethane) 100% Pure 300g

New Roots M.S.M. (Methylsulfonylmethane) 100% Pure 300g



MSM —methylsulfonylmethane— is the third largest solid component found in the body, a pure white sulfur powder that originates from the ocean. MSM, an organic sulfur found in all living organisms is a non toxic metabolite of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) that carries health and nutrition at biochemical levels. It also detoxifies and strengthens immunity, flexibility and blood circulation.

MSM is a food (not a drug or medicine) and plays many roles in the body, including exercising growth of healthy skin, hair and nails. It is needed by the body for healthy connective tissues and joint function, proper enzyme activity and hormone balance, along with the regulating of the immune system. The body uses MSM to create new beneficial healthy cells. Without proper levels of MSM, our body is unable to build good, healthy cells, and this leads to illness. Our body produces new cells every 24 hours. If your body doesn’t receive proper nutrition and building materials, the result is the production of bad, dysfunctional cells, deficient in the basic nutrients that constitute a healthy cell. MSM has a volatile nature, and is quickly lost from food when it is processed, cooked and/or stored. Today’s modern diet of cooked and otherwise processed and diluted foods, often lacks this critically important nutrient.

Sulfur is essential for numerous electrochemical, catalytic and structural functions in human metabolism. Sulfur is a key component of MSM which helps connective tissues and joints, and is needed for enzyme activity, hormone balance, and function of the immune system. As a central component of collagen and connective tissue, sulfur assists the body in preventing inflammation and facilitating repair of connective tissues.

MSM is a very safe product because of its inert nature. MSM is nonallergenic, non-pyretic, and has no interfering or undesirable pharmacological effects. You cannot overdose with MSM. It is estimated that the human body uses over ½ a gram of MSM each day which needs to be replaced every day. Good health practices involve replacing the essential substances that our body naturally uses or loses through illness or abuse and exertion. The body is much more abused by toxins and free radicals in the metropolitan cities than in rural areas and may require more MSM to maintain an optimal state of good health. The level of disease your body is experiencing will affect the amount of MSM required to maintain daily function and proper cell repair.

Our body combines MSM and vitamin C synergistically to build healthy new cells. MSM provides the flexible bond between amino acids in proteins. Without MSM, a new cell is not permeable, and physical osmosis is hindered. These cells lose flexibility as seen by scar tissue, wrinkles, varicose veins, hardened arteries and damaged lung tissues (emphysema), which makes MSM essential for connective tissue, musculoskeletal and overall skin health. Supported by research & multiple patents, MSM in sufficient levels as a dietary supplement may help & improve the following conditions: multiple allergies & chemical sensitivities; gastrointestinal disorders; improves circulation & enhances cell vitality; reduces capillary fragility; improves sore, swollen joints; reduces hypertension; strengthens the immune system; reduces the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome; improves sluggish memory, hyperacidity & upper GI distress, as an excellent alternative to antacids & acid blockers; increases collagen; improves skin smoothness & elasticity.

Body builders: try one (1) teaspoon of powder before workout & one (1) teaspoon afterwards. Muscles will not be sore due to MSM’s ability to remove lactic acid build-up.

MSM is virtually non toxic, nonallergenic. MSM is exceedingly pure with no possible adulterants added. No desiccating agents are put in the powder; for this reason, sometimes the powder may be lumpy. Be sure to shake the container vigorously.


300 g of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade M.S.M. (methylsulfonylmethane).


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