New Roots Chlorella 454g

New Roots Chlorella 454g



Chlorella is often referred to as the perfect food. Our certified organic, broken-cell Chlorella is a rich source of amino acids, fiber, nucleic acids, vitamins and minerals. Chlorella is a natural alternative to the over-processed and refined foods that are often subsequently enriched with synthetic vitamins and minerals, only to be marketed as “new and improved”.

Chlorella is a unicellular, deep-green microalga recognized as one of the original and most nutritionally complete food sources available to humans.

Chlorella is an excellent source of protein, and a natural source of calcium, vitamins, and the minerals magnesium and zinc which our regular diet is often depleted of.

The benefits of chlorella for immune system function, digestion, and cholesterol management, as well as for cognitive and metabolic functions, make it an excellent supplement to meet the nutritional needs of our modern lifestyle.

New Roots Herbal’s certified organic broken-cell Chlorella pyrenoidosa is milled for maximum digestibility and assimilation of this natural, nutritional powerhouse.


Deep green, broken-cell chlorella has 78% digestibility. It contains 12 naturally occurring nutrients including beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B12, and biotin. It contains chlorophyll and nucleic acids, plus organic germanium. It is rich in protein. This broken-cell chlorella is of the highest quality. Organic Chlorella vulgaris (deep green, broken-cell) (55–65% protein)     2.5 g


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