Natural Calm Magnesium Gel 237ml

Natural Calm Magnesium Gel 237ml



Natural Calm Canada's Magnesium Gel is designed for holding the magnesium onto your skin while the body absorbs the magnesium for relief from aches and pains and other symptoms resulting from magnesium deficiency. The carrying agent is Amigel.

Magnesium chloride is the most useful and least toxic form of magnesium. It is a strong, versatile, safe mineral, which boosts all aspects of cell physiology. Topical forms of magnesium are sometimes preferred over the internal forms, because they do not have the same natural laxative effect. It is also the fastest way, after intravenous, to get the appropriate magnesium levels back in the body.


EACH ML CONTAINS: Magnesium Chloride (Sea Water) 225 mg     Other Ingrediants:   Amigel, distilled water.  


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