Ki Hayfever Control Formula 30 tabs

Ki Hayfever Control Formula 30 tabs



Ki Hayfever Control Formula combines researched and natural ingredients to help tackle the cause of hayfever and relieve symptoms.

Directions: Treatment dose – 2 tablets per day
Prevention dose – 1 tablet per day, one month prior to Hayfever season
Maintenance dose – 1 tablet per day

The full effects of Ki Hayfever Control Formula should be felt after 3 weeks. Therefore when commencing Ki Hayfever Control Formula, other hayfever medications may be taken during these first few weeks.


Each tablet contains extracts equivalent to the dried herbs: Rhina-mp® Astragalus membranaceus root (NLT 40% polysaccharides) 2.88g Astragalus membranaceus root 2.12g Ginger fresh (Zingiber offinale rhizome) 1.5g Magnolia liliflora flower 1.5g Quercetin 200mg