Champion Juicer 2000+ (White)

Champion Juicer 2000+ (White)



A Champion is Simple to Use

Designed for simplicity; the Champion Juicer doesn't require nuts bolts screws or clamps to assemble. The floating cutter just slides on or off the shaft; a quick half-turn and the body locks on or releases for removal. By changing a single part the juicer is now a homogenizer. It's so simple and all the parts are easy to clean.


The Champion Juicer is Versatile

In addition to extracting vegetable juices the unit can make coconut milk baby foods fruit sauces nut butters ice creams and sherbets. No other juicer can do this.


The Champion Juicer Is Durable

Powered by a full 1/3-horsepower heavy duty General Electric motor the Champion Juicer is powerful durable and built to last. All juicer parts are made from 100 percent FDA accepted nylon and stainless steel. The Champion Juicer's body is lined with a special stainless steel which is almost wear-free and will not pick up food odour.


The bottom line: A Champion delivers the goods.

Your Champion 2000+ Juicer is designed to produce the highest possible quality of juices and foods. It's a difference you can see in the color of the juice: darker, richer colors contain more of the pigments - and nutrients - you desire, while the extracted pulp is pale in color. And rest assured, it's a difference you can taste. Champion juices will likely be richer, sweeter and more full bodied than any juice you've tasted before. We wouldn't have it any other way!