Brad King's Ultimate Starch & Fat Blocker 90 caps

Brad King's Ultimate Starch & Fat Blocker 90 caps



Ultimate Starch and Fat BlockerTM contains clinically studied ingredients that can help the body absorb less fat and carbohydrates, providing effective support for a healthy weight management plan.4,5 The key ingredients are a “starch-blocking” extract from white kidney beans, and a unique “fat-blocking” extract from the Nopal Cactus. Clinical studies have shown that white kidney bean extract can block the activity of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starch into sugar.4,5 In one 8 week study of 39 obese individuals, those taking kidney bean extract lost more than twice as much weight (an average of 3.79 lbs) as those in the placebo group.4 The extract has also been shown to help reduce triglyceride levels and regulate blood glucose levels.4,5 Nopal Cactus extract has shown similar, promising results, with one study showing that it effectively reduced fat absorption and improved cholesterol in 68 obese individuals.6

Ultimate Starch and Fat BlockerTM also includes metabolism boosting green tea extract7and the extract of Gymnema sylvestris, a well-known blood sugar balancer8 for enhanced support and effectiveness.

The "Ultimate" line of products have been designed using the latest research in nutritional science to bring you the highest quality and most effective nutrient formulas for targeting weight loss when used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. 


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