Botanica Chocolate Greens 270 grams

Botanica Chocolate Greens 270 grams



Botanica Chocolate Greens have a rich, silky texture and taste just like chocolate milk! A delicious way for the whole family to enjoy 5 servings of vegetables. Made with natural cocoa powder, this formula is sweetened with stevia and contains no sugar, resulting in a delicious treat the whole family will love! Mix with milk or your favourite milk alternative for a treat that tastes great hot or cold! Made from Canadian cold weather grass tips, fresh harvested and dehydrated for maximum potency. Botanica Greens taste great, mix easily, and are free of fillers or additives.

All Botanica Greens™ contain no fillers, and are free of:
• Gluten • Soy • Dairy • GMOs • Sugar

Benefits of Botanica Greens:
• Alkalinize and oxygenate
• Support healthy weight management
• Support a healthy immune system
• Help relieve pain and inflammation


ANTIOXIDANT POWDER BLEND: Alkalized cocoa, quercetin, Oxyphyte® grape seed extract, pomegranate extract, polygonum extract, milk thistle extract, acerola cherry extract, kelp (rockweed), grape juice, licorice root. GREENS, FRUITS, AND VEGGIES POWDER BLEND: Strawberry juice (strawberry, potato dextrin/manioc starch/maltodextrin), carrot juice (carrot, maltodextrin), barley juice, cinnamon extract, broccoli juice, spinach juice, parsley, chlorella, acai, goji extract, beet juice. FIBER POWDER BLEND: Flax seed, Apple fiber. OTHER INGREDIENTS: Natural flavours, stevia powder extract, lecithin powder (lecithin, rice flour, calcium phosphate).