Bioitalia Apple Banana Strawberry Organic Smoothie 120g

Bioitalia Apple Banana Strawberry Organic Smoothie 120g



Banana, strawberry and apple smoothie is healthy and has a delicious taste. This smoothie is an actual cure-all, ideal to have an extra oomph. Suggested also for children and sportsmen.

Bioitalia organic smoothies are exclusively obtained from fresh fruit and vegetables, without adding preservatives nor additives.

Bioitalia organic smoothies comes in a handy packaging that you can bring with you. They are convenient to be drunk as they fit the palm of a hand. Suitable for adults and children, keep them with you for a healthy and nourishing snack. Each Bioitalia organic smoothie is made with different fruit and vegetables and each blend is studied to give the right nourishing contribution for your breakfast and snack. Six flavors to satisfy every palate and every requirement. 


70% apple*, 20% strawberry*, 10% banana*.