AOR Advanced Whey Protein Vanilla 1kg

AOR Advanced Whey Protein Vanilla 1kg



Advanced Whey ™ AOR is no longer a regular whey protein. It combines the isolate whey proteins with a protein-rich concentrate (76% protein), which offers advantages not only associated with whey protein isolate. An extra quality whey protein, as Advanced Whey, is comprised of about 20% alpha-lactalbumin. Advanced Whey is also enriched with lactoferrin, containing up to 28% more than other luxury lactoferrin protein isolates currently available. Lactoferrin levels naturally increase after intense periods of physical activity. This response strengthens the immune system weakened by rigorous exercises. Advanced Whey uses cross-flow microfiltration (no ion exchange) to maximize the protein content and reduce unnecessary carbohydrates and saturated fats while retaining all the subfractions of bioactive peptides. The low temperature, filtration based processing techniques used in these materials, allow an absolute minimal protein denaturation.

Isolate Cross flow microfiltered whey protein, whey protein concentrate, isolate lactoferrin, soy lecithin.

Vanilla whey also contains: natural vanilla flavoring, vanillin, xanthan, fructose, silicon dioxide, tricalcium phosphate.