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    Picture of Cocktail Muddler - 1 each


    Cocktail Muddler - 1 each

    Crush the mint leaves for your next mojito with Danescos' Cocktail Muddler. Made of beech wood, this cocktail muddler has a textured bottom which helps you crush herbs and fruits to extract the most flavour for your cocktails.
    Picture of Coldbrew Kit CoffeeSock - 1 each

    Coffee Sock

    Coldbrew Kit CoffeeSock - 1 each

    Enjoy your favourite coffee on a hot summer afternoon, courtesy of CoffeeSock's ColdBrew Coffee Kit. This kit contains a reusable organic cotton filter that is capable of lasting over a year with regular use.
    Picture of Condiment Container - 1 each


    Condiment Container - 1 each

    Get a handle on your condiments by using Onyx's Condiment Container. This leakproof stainless steel container easily fits inside all Onyx containers. It's the perfect way to carry around your salad dressing, ketchup, mustard or hummus.
    Picture of Counter Stand Black Metal

    Counter Stand Black Metal

    If you want to make the most out of your counter space, you should check out this counter stand. It's made of metal, so you know it's durable, and its black colouring allows it to easily fit into any kitchen, no matter the aesthetic.
    Picture of DIP Terracotta Egg Cup - 4 count


    DIP Terracotta Egg Cup - 4 count

    Easily store soft and hard-boiled eggs with Danica's Terracotta Egg Cups. If you're a fan of dipping toast in egg, then this set of egg cups is the perfect size for you. Bring home some for the family and let each person choose their favourite colour.
    Picture of DIP Terracotta Nesting Prep Bowl - 3 count


    DIP Terracotta Nesting Prep Bowl - 3 count

    Don't make a mess when you measure out dry ingredients. Instead, use Danica's Terracotta Nesting Prep Bowls. These beautiful bowls have an elegant design and nest together to make storage easy after you're finished cooking.
    Picture of Divided Container - Clear - 1 each


    Divided Container - Clear - 1 each

    Get a handle on your lunch by using U Konserve's Clear Divided Container. The stainless steel rectangle divider and leak-resistant lid allow you to keep different portions of your meal from running into each other. No more salad dressing on your mashed potatoes!
    Picture of Evak Airtight Food Storage - 1 each


    Evak Airtight Food Storage - 1 each

    Keep your food fresh for longer with Prepara's EVAK Airfight Food Storage Container. When your food is exposed to air, it loses flavour. The EVAK has a twin valve system that automatically forces the air out when you push down on the lid. It's made of glass, stainless steel and BPA free plastic.
    Picture of Garlic Press - 1 each


    Garlic Press - 1 each

    Crush garlic with Oxo's Garlic Press. Made of die-cast zinc, this garlic press has a large capacity chamber that allows you to crush as much garlic as you need. The built-in cleaner makes it easy to clean, and the arched handle absorbs pressure while you squeeze.
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