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    Picture of Grime-Be-Gone - 1 L

    Small Planet

    Grime-Be-Gone - 1 L

    Dissolve grime and disinfect with the power of tea tree oil and castile soap by using Small Planet's Grime-Be-Gone. Use it to clean and disinfect countertops, cutting boards, toilets, sinks, change tables and anywhere else bacteria lurks.
    Picture of SuperScrub Powder - 340 g


    SuperScrub Powder - 340 g

    If you have an extra tough cleaning job ahead, use AspenClean's SuperScrub Powder to make the job a little easier. Infused with organic tea tree and lavender essential oils, this powder is great for your toughest cleaning challenges, including sinks, pots and pans, stoves and even the dreaded oven.
    Picture of Kitchen Cleaner - 650 ml


    Kitchen Cleaner - 650 ml

    Cut through the grease the natural way with AspenClean's Kitchen Cleaner. Infused with organic bergamot and grapefruit essential oils, this organic cleaner contains no toxic chemicals, so your little ones and animal friends stay safe while you clean.
    Picture of Glass Cleaner - 650 ml


    Glass Cleaner - 650 ml

    Get rid of streaks on your mirrors and windows with AspenClean's Glass Cleaner. Infused with organic lime essential oil, this 100% natural glass cleaner is safe to use in your kitchen, bathroom and on your lighting fixtures.
    Picture of See-Thru Cleaner - 1 L

    Small Planet

    See-Thru Cleaner - 1 L

    Give your windows and mirrors a beautiful shine with Small Planet's See-Thru Cleaner. This cleaner leaves behind nothing but a fresh peppermint scent and works great on smelly places such as your garbage can and toilet.
    Picture of Hypoallergenic Fruit & Veggie Wash - 710 ml

    Eco Max

    Hypoallergenic Fruit & Veggie Wash - 710 ml

    Remove soil, wax film and harsh pesticides from your produce with Eco Max's Hypoallergenic Fruit & Veggie Wash. This all-natural wash contains non-allergenic ingredients that are safe for food contact.
    Picture of Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner - 946 ml

    Seventh Generation

    Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner - 946 ml

    Get rid of stains and dirt courtesy of Seventh Generation's Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner. The effective plant-derived cleaning agents work to remove scum from your toilet while the essential oils and botanical extracts leave only a pleasant smell behind.
    Picture of Borax - 2 kg

    Simply Clean

    Borax - 2 kg

    Use Simply Clean's Borax as a laundry booster or as an insect killer, fungicide or herbicide. This natural mineral is biodegradable, contains no animal ingredients and is safe for both you and the planet.
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