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    Picture of Energy Drink - Original - 355 ml


    Energy Drink - Original - 355 ml

    Cane sugar sweetens Guru's Organic Energy Drink. Considered by some to be the world's first natural energy drink, Guru uses organic green tea leaf extract and guarana seed extract to provide you with a boost of energy that will carry you through the day.
    Picture of Energy Water


    Energy Water

    In the summer of 1999, four college friends decided to create the world's first all-natural energy drink, so they founded Guru. More than 15 years later Guru introduced Energy Waters to satisfy the growing demand for organic sugar and calorie-free beverages. The company's hope? That their drinks will give good people the energy to do great things.
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    Picture of Energy Water - Grapefruit - 355 ml


    Energy Water - Grapefruit - 355 ml

    Quench your thirst and get a burst of energy by drinking Guru's Grapefruit Energy Water. This certified organic, gluten free and vegan-friendly beverage will restore your vitality and refresh your body, spirit and mind.
    Picture of Organic Energy Drink Lite - 355 ml
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