Navigating the Path towards Boundless Energy with Lisa Kilgore RHN

Jan 28, 2016

Location: 10th Avenue Market and Cafe

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Join our January expert speaker to learn about having an energetic 2016.

Join Lisa Kilgour, RHN to learn all about your strained adrenal glands and how to realize your natural energy potential! Learn how to avoid “vitality suckers” like stress, instead incorporating energy boosting clean nutrition into your day and pursuing effective, natural ways to give yourself an energy kick. Find answers to why we crave sugary and salty foods and how to give your body what it’s really looking for!


Lisa Kilgour, R H.N. is a Holistic Nutritionist, owner of, a wellness speaker, nutrition expert, and writer based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC. Specializing in digestive health and the gut/brain connection, Lisa helps clients across Canada learn how to use their diet to feel their best.