It’s Brainy BBQ Season with Orsha Magyar M.Sc, C.H.N of Neurotrition

Jun 16, 2016

Learn how to make your summer BBQ's healthier this year!

Nothing screams summer more than a good old fashioned BBQ, but science is showing that charred meat and other ingredients at these favorite events aren't the best for our brain or mental health. Learn how regular BBQ is messing with your brain, and how you can make it better. You will learn which smart foods, toppings and condiments to add to your BBQ repertoire to cancel out the “BBQ effect.” You’ll leave this 1.5 hour workshop equipped with a plan for how to make your next BBQ a brainier event. Without compromising taste. You will get grocery lists of Brainy BBQ whole food ingredients and packaged toppings and condiments to make your next BBQ a hit.

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