Why Take a Greens Supplement

Wednesday January 06, 2016

Greens large

In an ideal world we all eat a perfect diet of whole, natural and organic foods. We get our daily veggies, drink plenty of water and meet our recommended fiber intake.  In the real world most of us look back at the day and are excited that something green hit our family’s dinner plates. We are all doing our best to provide positive nourishment for our loved ones.

On the days when our food intakes are below par, this is where a greens supplement can step in.   A high quality green supplement provides vitamins, minerals, herbs, pro and potentially prebiotics and such things as green algae that are essential to life. Essential for reducing inflammation and for alkalizing and nourishing our bodies for optimal cell functioning all wrapped up in a convenient and tasty vehicle. Add greens to your morning smoothie, into energy bites for a snack or in your salad dressing at dinner. It’s as easy as that. No more worry or guilt! Best of all you can rest assured your family is getting they need for a happy and healthy life. It’s all good.