Vitamix - What is All the Rage

Monday December 21, 2015

Vitamix needs no introduction. The line of blenders is synonymous with high quality, performance and world leadership for the past 80 years. Owners pass their Vitamix down from one family member to the next.

What sets the Vitamix blender apart from other blenders and gives it an ‘Excellent’ rating by Consumer Reports?

- Every blender model is built in the US and has at least 70% American components. The motor is a Swedish design and also manufactured in Sweden

- The powerful 2 horsepower motor is commercial grade, t­­he blender is built for home use and also for restaurants, bars and culinary schools. It optimizes speed, power and torque

- The blades move up to 385 kmph and the unit is capable of sustainably cooling itself during operation. This means energy savings and improved motor performance  

- The hardened stainless steel blade efficiently processes whole foods and vegetables with predicable consistency

- When paired with the “Live Fresh” recipe book that comes with every Vitamixer, it’s easy to add fresh, all-natural ingredients to your daily meals

- The Vitamix juices, blends, dry chops, wet chops, cooks, grinds and emulifies food. There are very few ingredients the blender is not capable of processing

- The blender’s power and design makes it significantly more diverse than any standard blender. Extended blending times on the High setting generate blade speeds that create enough friction within the jar itself to cook ingredients into soups, syrups, fondues, etc.  Temperatures are determined solely by the length of the blending process, there is no heating element in the machine.  Raw, fresh vegetables and room-temperature water become hot soup in as little as three minutes and you can make ice creams and sorbets using frozen ingredients and much shorter blending times. The recipe book is a great source to become familiar with these blending times, as it provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on all the machine’s functions. 

- The blender is strong enough for home use to micronize raw, whole fruits and vegetables during the blending process. This results in the maximum nutritional value of whole foods being made readily available to the user in the form of whole juices and smoothies. The phytonutrients contained in the pulp, fibre, skins, seeds and cores of fruits and vegetables that would otherwise remain trapped (and undigestable) within the food’s cellular structure if simply eaten or processed in less powerful blenders are “unlocked” by the power and blade design of the Vitamix

- To operate a Vitamix you only need to become familiar with two levers

- The spill proof lid with removable lid plug is designed for safely adding ingredients while the machine is running and easy removal. The lid vents allowing hot or cold foods to expand or contract. Spill proof lid allows ingredients to be added while processing

- Tamper tool processes dense foods and prevents air pockets from forming. It’s designed to not touch the blades

- 64 – ounce BPA-free container is perfect for family meals and entertaining. There are also 32 oz. and 96 oz. containers available

- Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water; just run on High for 30 seconds

- Warranty

- Dry grinding – does a workmanlike job of grinding grains

- Ergonomic designed soft touch handle for comfort and control



by Debbie Flynn