Trusted Experts in Every Aisle - Meet Tara

Tuesday February 21, 2017


Tara has been working with Community Natural Foods for eight years and continues to enjoy working with a company whose values align with her own.

She is a holistic nutritionist and has received her holistic nutrition training through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Tara has also received formal training in human anatomy and physiology.

She has additionally taken a first year university course for basic nutrition.

Her training has given her an especially intimate understanding of the digestive system which helps her advise customers on a daily basis.

“I just love the human body and the anatomy of it.”

Tara enjoys holistic nutrition for how it takes into account the big picture of a person’s body and their lifestyle.

She believes that a person’s diet should be individualized to their specific needs and their lifestyle and that a diet should be customized to a person as a whole person, not just an aspect of their life or body.

One of Tara’s favourite quotes is Michael Pollan’s “Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”

“Real food is most important as far as diets go.”

Tara encourages people to use their diets to their advantage to nourish their bodies and get the most out of their food and their day.