Trusted Experts in Every Aisle - Meet Isabel

Thursday February 02, 2017


Isabel has been working at Community Natural Foods and leading others toward a more spiritual and healthy lifestyle since 2006

“I really love this company.” Isabel has training in spiritual healing, reiki and shamanic healing. She links emotions to sickness. According to Isabel, toxic emotions that stay in the bodyfor too long can promote sickness and attract unwanted negative attention.

“I’ve been healing myself for all these years and I’m going to continue for the rest of my life.” She enjoys the natural interactions she gets to have with customers when people open up to her about their health and their needs.

She enjoys the experience of getting to know people and being able to help them and start speaking the same language as them. Customers have come back to Isabel to express their gratitude from having felt better after taking her advice.

Her biggest piece of advice to people is often for them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. “Moving outside your comfort zone can help you find the natural gift you have.” To Isabel, the way to see the beauty in oneself is by stepping out of one’s comfort zone and beginning their path toward healing.

Isabel enjoys coming to Community Natural Foods every day because thecompany’s values align with her own.She values environmentally friendly habits and mental and spiritual well-being. “To me, mother earth is really important.”