Trusted Experts in Every Aisle - Meet Dylan

Monday September 12, 2016


Fresh local foods are now in season in Alberta and we are so excited here at Community Natural Foods.  This is the time where food is fresh, tastes its best and is at the lowest price of the year. So when you are in store buying your crisp apples and gorgeous greens why not say hi to one of our Fresh Managers? This week we meet Dylan who manages all things fresh at our Chinook Market location. He is a man with high ideals and has tremendous passion for fresh produce and sustainable farming. Let’s find out more about Dylan

Our fresh managers have a substantial responsibility, not only do they look after our hot food lines, they also look after the grab and go items and the fresh produce that comes in daily. When asked what he enjoys about being the fresh manager Dylan replies, “The opportunity to be a part of the necessary public service of providing and supporting local, organic, cleanly produced, ethical produce/grain/dairy/meat to our city.” Our staff take their commitment to our industry seriously and do everything they can to help others to do the same.

Dylan came to work at Community Natural Foods in 2005. Before that he worked at a local organic produce home delivery service in Victoria. When he moved to Calgary he wanted to continue to be a part of the Organic Food Industry. He ended up working at Community in the produce department as the business aligned so much with his values.

When asked about a pet peeve of being the Fresh Manager Dylan replied, “I wish people would respect organic growers across the globe and realize that in order to be sold in Canada as certified organic, what is grown outside of Canada has to be up to Canadian Organic National Standards enforced by the CFIA.” Often people feel anything grown in other countries is substandard.  At Community Natural Foods we purchase locally as much as we can and then look globally for quality produce in the winter months.

 Dylan is hard pressed to pick a favorite produce item however he is enthusiast about Canadian grown garlic he both purchases and grows himself. Hardy greens like kale orchard, tomatoes and peppers also make the top of the list.  Dylan not only manages the fresh departments at Community but is an avid gardener himself.

Over Dylan’s years of being involved with organic farming he has met and visited many organic farms on the CNF roster.  The one that he holds in the highest regards is Zebroff Farm in Cawston, British Columbia.  “The Zebroffs' are the kindest, truest, real people I do believe I may have ever met in my entire life thus far. Of course, I have no intention to discount all the other wonderful and amazing farms I have been lucky enough to visit and help offer wares of over the years.” Says Dylan.  He is so very grateful to be a part of what all of the globe has to offer, most especially on an ethical, organic & cleanly produced level.