Trusted Experts in Every Aisle - Meet Blaise

Thursday March 09, 2017


Blaise has been working at Community Natural Foods since 2004 and through his experience has gained extensive knowledge of the products offered on the shelves of Community Natural Foods.

“It’s more about trying to help people.”

He originally began his lifestyle journey as a massage therapist and later applied to Community Natural Foods in Health and Body Care.

Through his massage therapy training Blaise was able to gain knowledge about the human body and anatomy. This sparked further study into nutrition and health.

Blaise can offer knowledge and support to customers looking for advice on anything health and body related such as sports nutrition, super foods, vitamins, herbs and much more.

He has great ideas to offer for basic, common issues such as stress, sleep or lack of energy. His product knowledge and weekly training allows him to find the most suitable products for any customer.

Blaise enjoys engaging with his customers and being able to be of genuine help to people as he helps them look at different options to suit their lifestyle. “It’s a big reward.”

Blaise initially felt inspired by friends and family to pursue a nutritious and health conscious lifestyle.

“Nutrition is a really good way to make the body strong.”

One thing that Blaise admires and enjoys about the company is the company’s dedication to the customer experience and engagement