Tips for Boosting Your Health and Happiness This Year

Tuesday January 24, 2017

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Written by Nicole Boisvert CHNC, CPCC – marketer for CNF and Founder of Feast Coaching

Health and happiness are two things most people would agree they want more of.  Even if you have life pretty good, who wouldn’t want more? Great health makes life easier, allows you to explore the world, spend time with those you love and achieve your goals. Health is wealth they say and most certainly a foundation for a happy life.

In this way health and happiness are intimately tied together. As a health coach I see many unhappy people whose health is preventing them from doing what makes them happy. They are too out of shape to play with their kids, they want to be free of back and knee pain so they can more easily do their job or walk their dogs, they want to eat better so they have the energy to get through the day, etc. Let’s just say it is much harder to be happy when you are sick then when you are healthy.

 When it comes to health and happiness we humans are more complex then we recognize. We are like a multi-level office building. There is the physical floor, mental floor, spiritual floor and each level has a number of rooms filled with aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual well- being. The point being, when we get sick we need to look at all levels to achieve best results.

So why is it so important to consider our entire being? It’s important because most people only look at the physical aspect which means they are only considering part of the picture. In my coaching practice the mental health or mindset is quite often a focus for great health and happiness. To be a well -rounded healthy and happy human we need to explore all aspects.

With that being said, how do we get a quick boost or grab the low lying fruit for great health and happiness? Listed below are some actions and ways of being to address all levels and up the ante on your health and ultimately your happiness this year.


Physical Health:

  1. Exercise – this could also be considered a mental health benefit as it also helps to reduce stress. So get out there and get those endorphins going!
  2. Drink Water – this is the simplest way to get great gains for health and for boosting your energy.
  3. Eat foods that are nutrient dense – fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and healthy fats for example supply you with the nutrients for maximum health and function on all levels.
  4. Attend to aches/pains/ injuries – take these signs as an indication that something is not right and honor those signals by doing something about it.
  5. Get regular check- ups from your dentist, optometrists, doctor, naturopath, osteopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say.
  6. Take supplements appropriate for you – I am an advocate of food first but sometimes supplements are needed depending on your diet, climate and or medical condition. Consult your health care provider to determine the best ones for you.


Mental Health

  1. Make yourself a priority – this is the put your air mask on first and then help others tip. If you tend to be a care giver for others you especially need this!
  2. Take a high quality probiotic and Omega 3 fatty acids – lots of studies are showing the health of your gut influences your mental health so be sure to feed your gut bugs well.
  3. Make life easier for yourself – sometimes this means saying no and or just letting things go.
  4. Identify and reduce the stress in your life – consider all areas of your life as sometimes the stress that is not the most obvious is the one you need to address the most.
  5. Take mental breaks throughout the day – humans were made to move so sitting at a desk all day can depress our mood and cramp our body. Get up move around.
  6. See a professional if your mental health is making your life difficult to manage – mental health can be much more than just the normal blues or occasional anxiety. Be sure to seek out a professional if this is a real struggle for you.


Spiritual Health

  1. Spend time in nature – trees, grass and water, relax and calm our spirit in a way pavement and roads cannot!
  2. Practice your spiritual teachings – whether you attend a place of worship or the back country is your church you need this time to be with something bigger than yourself.
  3. Sit alone and just be – being in the presence of your spirit and just listening often brings profound insights and connects us with our inner truth.
  4. Do the things that make time fly by – this is your happy place or happy doing and is essential for spiritual well- being.
  5. Meditate/mindfulness – similar to being alone and just being but with more intention.
  6. Cultivate gratitude – sure to bring happy and positive feelings, this practice helps us to connect to all good things and beings in this world.


Consider these ways of being while cultivating or doing the things that bring you health and happiness. How you are being during the process is just as important as what you are doing to boost up health and happiness. Which of these states will most empower you on your health journey?

Be curious

Be patient

Be an explorer

Be honest with yourself

Be active

Be accepting

Be yourself

Be silly

Be present

Be kind to yourself

Be hopeful

Be light

Be open


If health and happiness is something you wish to explore further feel free to contact me at to arrange for your free meet the coach session or check out our site at  Cheers to your health and happiness!