Summer Essentials List You Have to Have

Wednesday June 15, 2016

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Summer is finally here and who doesn’t want to just burst out their back door and enjoy the weather. The sun is shining, the skies are blue, flowers are blooming and everyone’s spirit is lifted.  To make your time outdoors even better be sure to have a stock of summer essentials for you and your family. Take it up a notch and go all natural with the excellent line of products Community Natural Foods carries.  We carefully select only the safest and most natural products you can buy. We do the research for you so you can be rest assured all you need to be concerned about is having fun.



Make sure to protect your skin this summer from UVA and UVB rays with a barrier type sunscreen made from titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These types of sunscreen protect you from the sun without all of the additional chemicals.  They work to block the sun’s rays immediately upon application.  Unlike other sunscreens they do not create free radicals.


Try an all- natural allergy remedy this year when seasonal allergies hit.  Products such as Allergy-FX inhibits the physiological reactions that release the histamines that cause seasonal allergies. They provide multi symptom relief and are scientifically-formulated under strict guidelines and certified as a natural health product through the Government of Canada. All natural, certified and effective.

Insect Repellent

Insect bites can spoil summer fun but a product such as Mozi-Q may be your answer! For all outdoor enthusiasts and those who would like to be but have reactions to bug bites–you now have a new, easy-to-use oral repellant that allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors without being “bugged”. This products formula has been designed to reduce the frequency of bites as well as the reactions that people have to bites. No more itching and big red bumps; what a great ally for camping, golfing, hiking, biking. This could revolutionize your outdoor experience this summer.


Water Bottles and Electrolytes

Having fun in the hot summer sun can equal dehydration.  Be sure to have plenty of water and electrolytes for prolonged exposure on hand in a re-useable water bottle. Good for the environment and good for you! These go hand in hand for any summer fun.  Whether you prefer glass or stainless steel, citrus or berry we have the bottle and flavor for you.


Whether you purchase these products in store or on line we’ve got you covered this summer. Rest assured we only carry the best for you and your family. Have fun and live life to the fullest from all of us here at Community Natural Foods.