Stampede Survival Tips

Thursday December 17, 2015

Girl cowboy

It is that time of year again - when we dust off our western wear and head out into the heat to start Stampeding! Community Natural Foods wants to help you come out on the other end with style and grace and leave your Stampede hangover in the dust. Try out the tips below this year; you’ll be glad you did!


1. Bring these essential items for your purse or back pack

Start your day on the grounds out right by packing for a great time. Ensure to bring along sun care with you. Nothing brings down a good time than being burnt to a crisp. At CNF we carry natural sunscreen that reduce the chemical load but keeps the sun out by providing a barrier to UVA and UVB rays.  Speaking of being burnt to a crisp, pain can come in all forms when you are out having a Stampeding good time. Be sure to bring arnicare for topical pain and Highlands Head Relief if that’s what pains you. Butterbur is also another great natural herb for headaches. In addition be sure to bring digestive enzymes to ease your tummy as you try out all the new midway food this year such as the mini donuts pops, crazy cones, lobster corn dogs and donut grill cheese. Help your tummy help you with enzymes for happier time.

2.  What to eat at the Stampede

This sounds pollyannish but eating a decent meal before heading out is a pretty good idea. This will set you up to be able to handle an extra few beverages and keep your blood sugar level whether you over indulging in sweets or ride the drop of doom. Some healthier options to keep your eating on track could be corn on the cob, turkey legs, donairs and souvlacki, something vegetable based with some protein. That’ll keep you going all day long.

3. What not to eat at the Stampede

We are all going to indulge a little, right? After all it is Stampede however there is the good, the bad and the ugly options out there. Items that are straight refined sugar, with lots of food coloring or entirely deep fried are poor food quality such as cotton candy and deep fried butter. Try something you really want but stick to some of the whole food and protein items too. You won’t feel so strung out and you’ll have more stamina to keep carrying on.

4. Natural Remedies for what ails you

Planning on indulging at the beverage tents? Well make a plan to support your liver beforehand! At CNF we carry lots of choices for liver care products. Your liver is your best friend when it comes to the Stampede party scene.  You can also support your liver by drinking lots of water and electrolytes if you are out there late into the night.  We sell electrolyte packets that fit into the smallest purse and coconut water for a more natural approach to hydration. For after a long night of festivities be sure to take your Party Smart tablets with you.  More then one cowboy and cowgirl thanked the inventors of this product. If you ended up forgetting sunscreen be sure to have some aloe vera on hand to cool down the sunburn.

5. What to eat the morning after

Chances are you have had a lot of carbs so you need to balance that out with good quality proteins and fats. A great way to do this is with a smoothie with protein power, coconut oil, green leafy veggies such as spinach with some fruit and coconut water. Check out a terrific recipe here. This will balance your blood sugar, help detox your body and brain and provide much needed electrolytes. Not into smoothies? Eggs are a good choice to support the liver and break down the by- products of last night’s fun.

6. How to detoxify your way back to life after the Stampede

Depending on how much fun you have this year may determine your path to detoxification. For some people it is just about getting back on track and eating whole foods and plant based foods. Some people may want to do an actual cleanse kit. Some detox kits are just supplements and last 3 days, some include a meal plan and last 21 days. Visit one of our stores and ask an associate for options to get you back into pre-Stampede shape.


As a company we are dedicated to the wellbeing of Calgarians which includes the supporting you through all of the Stampede fun. We hope you use some of these tips to make the 2015 Stampede the most fun yet! Have fun!