Stampede First Aid Kit

Monday December 21, 2015

Stampede party

Essential items for your purse or back pack
Natural insect relief - mozi-q, natural outdoor sprays
Sun care – natural sunblock – barrier type
Pain relief – butterbur, arnica, highlands headache relief
Snacks/drinks – nut mixes, protein bars, water bottle, eco friendly snack bags
Digestive enzymes – to help you with digest the crazy things you are eating and drinking

2. What to eat at the Stampede. 
Eat a balanced meal before heading out. Follow the 80/20 rule.  Eat items such as corn on the cob, turkey legs, donairs and souvlacki, something vegetable based with some protein.

3. What not to eat at the Stampede
Have something as a special treat as part of the 20%. Items that are straight refined sugar, with lots of food coloring or entirely deep fried are poor food quality. Such as cotton candy, deep fried butter, mini donuts etc.

4.  Natural Remedies for what ails you
Headaches – Butterbur other herbal headache formulas, essential oil blends for head ache.
Hangovers – Liver care products - before, water and electrolytes during and after and party smart for after
Aches and pains – arnica sport
Sunburns – aloe vera gel
Dehydration - eat foods that are naturally hydrating (fruits and veggies), electrolyte drinks for water, coconut water

5. What to eat the morning after
Chances are you have had a lot of carbs so you need to balance that our with good quality proteins and fats. A great way to do this is with a smoothie with protein power, coconut oil, green leafy veggies such as spinach with some fruit and coconut water.

6.  How to detoxify your way back to life after the stampede
Depending on how much fun you have had at the Stampede may determine your choice. For some people it is just about getting back on track and eating whole foods and plant based foods. Some people may want to do an actual cleanse kit. There are some that are just supplements and last 3 days , some include a meal plan and last 21 days.