Simple Switches for A Healthier and Eco Friendly Easter

Thursday December 17, 2015

Easter eggs on wood

Easter doesn’t have to be so sugar laden and package heavy. Fill those Easter baskets with some healthy alternatives. Be sure to reuse and recycle materials where possible. Here are some simple ways you can upgrade the traditional Easter experience.

Switching out the sweets and enjoy flavorful and healthier options:

  • Organic fruit leather snacks
  • Fair trade and organic chocolate
  • Carrots – all good rabbits love carrots
  • Cheddar or graham bunny crackers
  • Homemade trail mix with spring color sun drops
  • Licorice Chews
  • Free range or organic eggs for dying and eating


Opt for non-food, eco-friendly and reusable items too:

  • Natural dye kit for dying eggs – avoiding artificial coloring
  • Reusable baskets (thrift shops are ideal for this)
  • Upcycle what you have to make a basket (shoe box, bucket, coffee can)
  • Eco friendly toys – cut out the plastics
  • Paper, fabric or wheat grass – instead of plastic grass filler
  • CNF gift cards – so they can purchase their favorite Easter treats