Shop Locally

Thursday December 17, 2015

Shopping farmers market

Local businesses play a huge role in developing a strong, sustainable economy. When local businesses pay a living wage, buy from local suppliers and become a part of their neighbourhoods, everyone in the community benefits. Ultimately, supporting local businesses helps to create a more vibrant and unique city.

As a locally owned and operated business since 1977, Community Natural Foods recognizes the importance of supporting locally-owned businesses through the products we carry in our markets.

If everyone just shifted 10 per cent of their purchases to local the impact would be enormous. According to Stephanie Jackman, owner of REAP, a Calgary-based non-profit for locally owned businesses, research has shown that if everyone, in a city the size of Calgary, bought locally just one in ten times it would create approximately $160 million in economic activity and 1600 new jobs each year.

One coffee a week from a local coffee shop, a weekend trip to the farmer’s market,  dinner at a local restaurant, those are all great ways to get started.

Locally-owned businesses re-circulate 25 per cent more of their revenue in the community than chain stores, which creates 2-4 times more economic benefit for us and our neighbours.

 When you know the person you’re buying from you can ask questions about where the product came from, what it’s made of, the ethical practices of the company.  If you have any questions about where any Community Natural Foods products come from, just ask us. We have a close relationship with our farmers, and would love the opportunity to tell you how awesome they are.