Nutrition Tips for National Nutrition Month

Monday December 21, 2015

  1. Focus on eating whole foods, they contain more nutrients and mother nature’s wisdom.
  2. Eat more raw foods - they contain live enzymes and nutrients and boost energy.
  3. Eat breakfast daily to boost your energy and mood all day long.
  4. Drink more filtered water - it is the easiest way to improve health.
  5. Eat more healthy fat from whole foods ex. Flax , avocado, hemp seed, walnuts and oily fish
  6. Eat colorful vegetables and fruits; they are high in antioxidants which is great for the body!
  7. Consider taking Vitamin D - 97% of North Americans are deficient at some point in the year (University of Calgary study)
  8. Eating local food means more nutrition; it isn’t picked early and didn’t travel so far.
  9. Choose organic foods more often, less chemicals and additives  = better health
  10.  Use the add in concept - ask what can I add to make this meal healthier?
  11.  Have a smoothie a day with fruits and veggies to boost your good nutrition for the day.
  12. Reduce refined white foods including sugar and flour - switch for more nutritious varieties such as agave nectar or stevia, or almond or oat flour.
  13. Have a food plan each week - saves money, energy and you tend to eat healthier.
  14. Eat fermented foods for better digestive health (kimchi, sauerkraut, etc).
  15. Eat seasonally - foods are more nutritious and less expensive.
  16. Cook at home! It is healthier and cheaper. Make big batches and freeze.
  17. Purchase foods in bulk for a nutritious cost effective choice with less packaging.
  18. Eat simply - food and cooking doesn’t have to complicated!
  19. Shop, meal plan and cook with your kids - they will be healthier for it in the long haul.
  20. Smile, you are making better health choices and doing awesome!