Nutrients Improve Mood and Boost Brain Power in Women

Tuesday October 18, 2016


Multi-tasking is a wonderful skill-but at some point, we often take on too much and feel overwhelmed and exhausted. If this sounds familiar, you should add a multivitamin with minerals to your day. The results of a recent study involving 216 healthy women between 25 and 50 years of age found that simply adding a multivitamin with minerals to a daily routine had dramatic benefits. Before the study started, and again after nine weeks of supplementing, the women took a four-part multi-tasking test and were assessed for cognitive function, mood and fatigue. The researchers found that the women in the multivitamin-mineral group experienced significant improvement in fatigue and a reduction of bad moods. The speed and accuracy of their multi-tasking tests also improved.


A high-quality multivitamin with minerals like MULTIsmart™, which I formulated for myself and my two daughters, should be your nutritional foundation for health. You cannot get all of your needed nutrients from food. Modern agriculture and production methods generate food depleted of vital nutrients, and our lifestyle and poor diet rob us of yet more. MULTIsmart™ is available in delicious, fruit-flavored powder packets and they contain all of your necessary daily bone nutrients, too. For people who are tired of popping capsule after capsule, this great-tasting multivitamin with minerals is perfect. Here is one of my favorite breakfast shake recipes. To a blender, add:

8oz (250mL) water

1 packet of MULTIsmart™

A few frozen mango cubes, raspberries or any seasonal fruit

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder and/or 4oz (125mL) of organic yogurt

Blend and enjoy. MULTIsmart™ can also simply be shaken in a shaker cup with one cup (8 oz, or 250 mL) of water. Our staff here add it to their water bottles.