New & Improved Community Naturals Apple Cider

Thursday December 17, 2015

Apple cider fb

One of the top Community Naturals products is the Apple Cider – in fact 1821 jugs were sold from  January to August 2015.  While the jugs were a great reusable source for making homemade mead or vinegars, they weren’t the best for carbon footprint.  So to solve that problem, we are happy to introduce the 5L cardboard containers!  While these don’t seem like they are anything special next to other boxed juices – we think the information below will change your mind.

Previous the cardboard container, we sourced the glass jugs from China, which that alone is a huge carbon footprint.  Now with the cardboard, it is sourced domestically from a company in BC, and also ships more in a smaller capacity.  The new cider container is also 100% recyclable with recyclable cardboard, and BPA free plastic insert that is also #7 recyclable (which is accepted in your City of Calgary blue bin).

The spout on the container is reverse sealing, which means it auto seals after you release it so that no air gets in, providing a longer, tastier shelf life.  The apple cider is good for three months after it’s first use.

Now onto the good stuff – the actual cider!  The apples used come from small family farm, Harker’s Organic Fruit Ranch, in Cawston, BC, and include a blend of organic fuji, gala and Spartan apples.  Each 5lb container has 15 lbs of apples that are juiced on-site in BC and then shipped to Calgary – once again, saving that carbon footprint.  Unlike other ciders that start with boiling the apples, this apple cider is created by flash pasteurizing the apples which create a fresh pressed taste.  You can expect a whole fruit flavour the next time you try the new apple cider and maybe even described the same way some of our employees have - as “bittersweet tears of an angel”.

Stop by any Community Natural Foods to pick up your 5lb container of apple cider and enjoy it hot or cold this holiday season!