Meet the Vendors: Mozi-Q

Monday December 21, 2015


Mosquitoes are a bitter reality of summer’s otherwise plentiful gifts, and the more skin we expose to soak up the sun’s rays, the more we are vulnerable to biting bugs. Even those of us that lean towards more natural products often go for the harsh chemicals when faced with the possibility of being bitten by swarms of mosquitoes. Now, there is an effective and natural choice. Mozi-Q, the world’s first oral mosquito repellant, was brought to market right here in Calgary, Alberta and is quickly on its way to being a globally embraced product.

The Mozi-Q story started many years ago with its formulator Erin Bosch. When Erin was 20 years old she opened a health food store in Varsity. Many factors led to the store evolving into a homeopathic clinic called Xerion Homeopathie. It was here, with the influence of her staff and her mother, a practicing homeopath, that Erin became obsessed with homeopathy. “It has always really baffled me that people are conditioned to think of their medicine as poison. How is it possible for medicine to heal if you think that? There has to be an alternative, and I believe it is homeopathy. Even if you get the wrong remedy, there is no negative reaction in your body. It is non-toxic and safe, and encourages the body to heal itself,” explains Erin.

Researching in a very old textbook, Erin stumbled across a remedy that would prevent mosquitoes from biting. She starting selling it in the store, and found people loved it. Every year, they saw 100% increase in sales. In early 2011, Erin and her operations manager were talking about the fantastic results people were seeing with the mosquito repellant. Erin shared that she wanted her tombstone to read, “created this remedy.” Her assistant gave her a knowing look, and 10 months later, Mozi-Q was born.

This oral homeopathic medicine is in a pill format that works best if you chew, and only needs to be taken 30 minutes before going outside. It is plant based, employing the flower Delphenium and four other homeopathic remedies. It is safe for pets and kids over the age of one. Mozi-Q is designed to reduce the frequency of bites from the likes of nasty pests like mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, ticks, sandflies, bedbugs, and head lice. If you do get a bite, it will reduce the symptoms of the bite.

Erin’s been on quite a journey since the launch of Mozi-Q. She has taken it to Dragon’s Den, where after the signature Dragon grilling in which she had to defend homeopathy, was offered the financial backing she was looking for. She’s also been to SE Asia, Australia, and the UK, and is finding significant interest in the product.

“Bringing it to my first trade show was emotional, it was one of the greatest days of my life. Now I feel like since then I have been running after my baby going, “wait up!” Erin shares, “For me it has always been about increasing awareness of homeopathy, and introducing alternatives. Mozi-Q is a tried and tested remedy by thousands of clients from the clinic, and they will be represented in all my products. I see Mozi-Q as a gateway drug for people to experience the efficacy of homeopathic medicine.”

Community Natural Foods was the first retailer to sell Mozi-Q outside of Xerion Homeopathie. Check out your nearest CNF and experience how you can beat the bugs, naturally.


By Lauren Mangion, Concious Home