Meet the Vendors: Harmonic Arts

Monday December 21, 2015

Harmonic arts

If you’ve ever been walking the aisles of CNF and a mystical-looking green label has caught your eye, it was probably a Harmonic Arts product...

Co-founder of the company, Yarrow Willard says, “ The label conveys what is unique about herbs and herbal medicine- the mystery and magic at play with the forest and trees is about uncovering the veils to get behind the veil of how herbal medicine works.”

Specializing in organic and wildcrafted herbs, teas, and superfoods, Harmonic Arts is now one of Canada’s premier suppliers of organic herbs. Yarrow Willard has been immersed in plants and plant medicine his whole life. A childhood filled with herb walks, sweat lodges and learning about the healing power of plants led him to pursue herbal medicine into adulthood. Yarrow’s dad, Terry Willard, is the well-known founder of Calgary’s Wild Rose College, where Yarrow and his wife Angela both received their Clinical Herbalist diplomas. Harmonic Arts was conceived on a small plot of land where Yarrow and Angie were planning on growing herbs for their practices. But when they found a gap in the availability of high quality bulk herbs, they decided to expand the business to include other suppliers, and make medicinal herbs more available to all.

Harmonic Arts, based out of Cumberland, BC, now has over 1000 products, including custom made tinctures and teas, bulk herbs, and a range of superfoods, which are high nutrient dense foods that can be used in small amounts to contribute to increasing core nutrients lacking from the modern diet. Yarrow feels that the optimum quality of their products is what makes Harmonic Arts unique as a company. “We only offer organic or wildcrafted product, and we have suppliers who go so far as to collect herbs and mushrooms by horseback in order to keep the footprint on nature light,” says Yarrow. Harmonic Arts is always looking for the best quality for their products, going as far as their tincturing alcohol. “We use fair trade cane sugar alcohol, and a chi gong enhanced spring water called diamond water, and then we are always making our tinctures with the intention that it is the highest quality medicine possible,” Yarrow explains.

For those that have not tried a Harmonic Arts product or are new to herbs and superfoods, Yarrow has a few ideas for first steps to starting down the path of taking charge of your own health.

One of Yarrow’s favorite superfood products is Harmonic Arts Super Power blend of cacao, lucuma, mesquite, maca & Vanilla powders. The blend is a great source of minerals, vitamins, calcium and magnesium. He suggests that it is a delicious mixture to add to hot chocolate, porridge, pancakes, smoothies, or with hot water to make it a herbal elixir. “It is quite rewarding to help turn someone’s coffee habit into a herbal elixir habit that is way more grounding and allows them to sustain energy through the day,” says Yarrow.

A highly recommended herbal tea is Harmonic Arts’ Tonic of Immunity. This tea employs adaptogenic herbs, which adapt to the needs of the body based on its imbalances. “Herbs are intelligent. Whether your system is depressed or overstimulated, adaptogens will work to bring it back to balance,” Yarrow explains. He says the tea combination is tasty on its own or with honey and coconut oil, or can be made into a soup broth.

Harmonic Arts’ wide array of products can be found on the shelves of the health and body care and grocery sections of your nearest Community Natural Foods. Check out the Harmonic Arts website for recipes and further product descriptions. If CNF doesn’t carry it, ask us about special ordering!

By Lauren Mangion, Conscious Home