Meet the Vendors: Giddy Yoyo

Monday December 21, 2015


Are you one of those people who scoff “Yeah, right!” when you read an ingredient label that lists love as an ingredient? Sure, we’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction but can the food we eat really be infused with love? Well, if you’re skeptical about how positive vibes or love can be packaged and sold, then maybe the story of Giddy Yoyo will change your mind and turn you into a believer.


Inspired by vegan, raw-food guru David Wolfe, Bridgitte Longshore sought solutions to how we could feed our families sustainable, nourishing, allergen-free foods. Motivated to start a company that provided raw, vegan, organic, nutrient-rich and ethically-sourced ingredients, Bridgitte brought her superfoods to local farmer’s markets in southern Ontario and in 2009, Giddy Yoyo was born.


In 2011, Giddy Yoyo found its stride and business began to take off as more people began seeking out superfoods to nourish and energize their bodies. Today Giddy Yoyo is still a small company employing a tight-knit group of just over a dozen people in Orangeville, Ontario. The company offers a selection of delicious handmade, raw, organic chocolate bars and superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella, goji and camu camu berries, maca, mesquite, cacao, vanilla, lucuma and chaga and reishi mushrooms in Canada and the US.


If you’ve ever opened up a packet of Giddy Yoyo chocolate you’ll agree that it’s not the same as opening up a regular bar of chocolate. The wrapper unfolds into a little book full of pictures of super foods, inspiring quotes and the story of what makes Giddy Yoyo unique. Snapping off a piece of the fragrant dark chocolate is a sense-heightening experience. Run-of-the-mill dark chocolates are tongue-witheringly bitter and chalky but Giddy Yoyo’s chocolates guarantee that your taste buds will be in for a pleasurable treat. I recommend trying the Vanilla Bean and Salt one!


Speaking of pleasure, you can eat any of Giddy Yoyo’s products, even their Love Butter which multitasks as a nourishing skin moisturizer. Ask Justin Booth, Giddy Yoyo’s Sales, Marketing and Business Developer about the Love Butter and he’ll quip “You can put it on your toast or your lover, whoever you’re hungrier for!”  Eating, or even just smelling chocolate will fire-off the pleasure centers in your brain so spread the Love Butter! Smell like a chocolate bar by slathering your skin with this blend of creamy but light-weight cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and vanilla beans. Your skin will glow in a healthy and alluring way. A must year-round and especially as a Valentine’s Day treat.


Sample any of Giddy Yoyo’s products and you can be assured that they have been handled with the utmost of care. At the facilities in Ecuador, for example, where Giddy Yoyo sources their cacao, bananas, sugar cane, mountain salt, spirulina, and golden berries, the suppliers pay careful attention to detail. Every step of the way standards are consistently met and exceeded. Giddy Yoyo doesn’t just pay suppliers fair trade prices; they pay 20 per cent over fair trade. This means that their supplier relationships have integrity, sustainability and trust built in. In turn, the people handling the high-vibration superfoods are also giving off positive vibes. Giddy Yoyo operates its business with love and gratitude from start to finish. I think that counts as an extra ingredient.


By Nicolle Kalivoda