Meet the Vendors: Ever Bamboo

Monday December 21, 2015

Ever bamboo

Ever Bamboo is the inspiration of Kabun Lee (K.B.), a local entrepreneur. He was introduced to the eco-friendly, bamboo charcoal air deodorizer and dehumidifier at a trade show he just happened to attend while travelling in China in 2006. He was attracted to the uniqueness of the product and the potential. He’d always been interested in business and grew up in a family that owned a small insurance brokerage business. He joined his family’s business after graduating as a civil engineer and knew there was something more he wanted. The charcoal deodorizers showed up and he jumped in. Ever Bamboo came into being in 2008.


Ever Bamboo is a line of eco-friendly, 100% natural deodorizers and dehumidifiers made from bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal absorbs odours, moisture and polluted air particles such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene. It’s great for your fridge, bedroom closet, garbage bin, hockey bag, shoes, diaper pail, garage, pet area, car and other areas where odours and humidity tend to linger. It can also be used as an aquarium filter, closet dehumidifier, moth repellant and filter in your bath water to remove chloride.


Ever Bamboo is made from bamboo charcoal from the rapidly growing moso bamboo found in China. The bamboo can grow two feet or more in a single day, reaching a height of 60 feet in two to three months. Bamboo matures in five years. The factory that manufactures the Ever Bamboo products is located in a village next to these bamboo groves. The village is one of the major areas that specialize in bamboo products in the booming industry.

The products offer the eco-friendly benefits of being natural and unscented so you’re not subjecting your home or equipment to chemical deodorizers. Customers have said the bamboo products are effective, simple, eco-friendly, clean and inexpensive. With proper care, the products can last an entire year or more by recharging them under direct sunlight. At the end of its lifespan the bamboo charcoal granules can be recycled into your garden or planter.


K.B. approached Community Natural Foods (CNF) in 2009 about carrying the Ever Bamboo line of products. He really wanted to work with CNF because it was considered the largest natural food retailer in Calgary and he knew Ever Bamboo would do well at the store.


The relationship grew and, today, Community carries a range of the deodorizers and dehumidifiers for the fridge, freezer, rooms, closets, sports, shoes and a spa package as well as a bin deodorizer and dehumidifier. Nicolle Kalivoda, Shoppe Category Assistant at the 10th Avenue store, said Ever Bamboo is a very popular product.


Ever Bamboo became even more popular on August 6, 2014 when Whoopi Goldberg featured it on The View as one of her ‘Favourite Things.’ The show resulted in huge on-line sales for the company and the good fortune continued when the show was re-run a month later and generated another huge round of sales.


Last summer the product was brought into 120 Sport Chek locations across Canada. The company’s success has allowed K.B. and his wife to leave their part-time jobs to support the company. The company is going to the next level with their products moving into Australia at the largest sports store chain, Rebel Sports.


K.B. said his hope for Ever Bamboo is for it to become available to everyone, one individual and household at a time. His hope for the world is for everyone to see the miracles in their daily encounters, to persevere and know they can change and start over. He encourages us to love our neighbour as we would ourselves.


By Debbie Flynn