Meet the Vendors: Abbot Acres

Monday December 21, 2015

Apricot 8

Ted and Tammi Abbott have a beautiful 15 acre family farm located in the stunning Similkameen valley.  They have been growing organically since they started farming in 1988.  Their decision to grow organically came from their desire to be as environmentally conscious as possible while providing their sons, Andrew and Brody, with a safe and healthy environment to grow up in.  Tammi’s family history is deep rooted in the Keremeos area as both her parents and grandparents were local residents and farmers.  Tammi’s father, Herb Clark, established the Cathedral Lakes Resort and was a keen protector of the heritage of the Similkameen Valley. 

Abbott Acres produces 8 varieties of Apricots including: Tomcots, Goldbar, Goldrich, Rival, Perfection, Skaha, Tilton, and Moorparks.  With so many varieties of Apricots and their desire to produce a fully tree-ripened Apricot, the Abbotts are considered one of the top producers in the region.  Along with specializing in Apricots, Ted and Tammi produce 5 varieties of peaches, 2 varieties of nectarines, 4 varieties of pears including 3 varieties of asian pears, and 8 varieties of apples, a truly diverse farm.

As one of the founding members of Direct Organics Plus, Abbott Acres has been providing Community Natural Foods with amazing fruit for close to 20 years.  The dedication that Community Natural Foods has put forward to supporting local family farms have given Direct Organics Plus and Abbott Acres the necessary security to continue on growing the best possible organic food that we can.