Meet the Vendors: 5 Grain Eggs

Monday December 21, 2015


5 Grain Eggs is owned and operated by Rick and Joel Mans, out of Nobleford, Alberta (about 2 hrs south of Calgary). Joel has kept and cared for free range chickens since he was 10 or so and every year, the flock grew. With an abundance of hens on his hands, he began to notice a distinct lack of organic eggs on the market. An idea to build barns for the brood, get certified and provide that supply began to formulate, leading the operation to become what it is now.

They've been occupying their niche of the market since 2014 (new and blooming), and have been doing it with the utmost care and attention from start to finish. The hens are nurtured on Certified Organic, GMO-free feed with no additives from the time they are born and are not vaccinated or given medications, so they are simply naturally healthy.

The name came about from the feed that the hens are given which is, you guessed it, a variety of grains to ensure they have all their nutritional needs fulfilled. The hens are free-range, able to obtain shelter in the barn or run free in the sunshine, embodying the mantra: "Happy hens, Happy eggs". If you've ever cracked open one of their eggs, and seen the rich sunshine color of the yolk, or tasted the robust flavor, you'll understand why they go to the lengths they do to ensure the quality of their product!